Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Thank you to all of you-all who chipped in with comentary about the yarn-art, or, as I will call it henceforth, Yart. It still hangs in Manhattan. I have chosen to ignore it.

Last week, we proved to ourselves that other places do exist. You might have heard this from others. Not only do other cities exist, but other countries. Not only other countries, but countries where the garbage is not frozen to the sidewalk, but flies freely in the warm breeze of the passing automobile.

But really. We went to Costa Rica and found not so much garbage and a village of people who have learned how to speak restaurant English for the fat Gringos. It almost rips your heart out. And we found so much beauty there that our eyes rolled around in their sockets not knowing which way to point. Ah, Costa Rica.

Even doing laundry in Costa Rica was slow and beautiful.

And warm.


Anonymous Jodi said...

You look so pretty when you hang laundry up by the ocean. This look suits you. How do I copy this style in cold cold not-costa-rica? Envious again....

3:02 PM  
Anonymous BIG Mike said...

I can't believe you didn't pay one of the locals half a bowl of rice to hang out your laundry.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous momma said...

I can believe not paying to have someone else enjoy the place and the scenery while using the excuse of "working." However, I will volunteer to go and hang out the wash.

2:25 AM  

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