Tuesday, January 10, 2006


These days I am all aflutter entering juried shows all over the U.S.A. I have fond hopes of showing in Austin for some reason, and Nashville for, I believe, the same elusive reason. The more Hee-Haw, the better! I guess after knocking on so many frozen gallery doors here in cool NYC and talking to impassive and tired people while searching for that rare fit, cowboy towns seem like a breath of fresh air. Or maybe I just saw Brokeback Mountain. Hello, Wyoming.
Or, hello Utah?
Yesterday, the gallery I burned a bridge with in Salt Lake City offered me more love and a show.
It sounds nice.

My life is the snake which devours its own tail, the Ouroboros. Jung recognized this snake as an archetype that appears in cultures over and over with this basic message: my end is my beginning. I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. I guess sometimes that's alright.

Has your snake ever eaten its own tail?
Was that good or bad?

What I'm listening to: nothing because the ouroboros iPod ate itself up. But for obvious reasons I guess, I hear in my own head, Journey's, Wheel In The Sky.

I am my own worst enemy.


Anonymous Lilac Penguin said...

You may wish to look at the south east coast circuit; Columbus S.C., Charelston, Hilton Head, Savannah, Sea Island GA, & Jacksonville. Columbus as the univeristity, and gallery culture that is just begining. Hilton Head and Sea Island have the high end clients, Jacksonville is just big with alot of different styles and cultural tastes. Charleston and Savannah are tourist towns, but Savannah has a very strong art gallery and studio vive. It is also the home of Savannah College of Art and Design, which has many shows and juries.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous BIG Mike said...

Them thar heehaw towns has got oil money in 'em. You'll be a hit.

Ooh, ooh, Mr Kotter, Mr Kotter. My verification word is SVYIZL. Is that a weather forecast or am I just hot?

11:07 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

i'd be my own worst enemy if i had journey stuck in my head too.

word verification: wygsue. litigation involving a bad hairpiece? bruce lee's mother's maiden name? quite the mystery.

10:41 AM  
Blogger newbrooklyner said...

Hey, I'm not here just provide word-verification fun, people.
Or am I?
Ok then. Mine is "ihtjad," and I DO hate jihad.
Spooky fun.

Thanks, lilac. I am applying for shows in the South, as well. I do love the South, but don't know the art scene there so well. I do know the people are at least cordial.

big mike, unfortunately, oil money turns people into
Republicans. Them thar people don't like my work much. But howdy HeeHaw towns anywho.
And yes, you are just hot.

matt, I am indeed more enemy than I ever realized because for some reason, without ever liking Journey, I have all their songs committed to memory. My brain reaches down to kick my ass.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous KeepYerBag said...

Word verification, Yiddish and oil money converge in a strangely topical synergism: 'yevron'.

Honest! I didn't even intend to leave a comment, but this was too bizzare to keep to myself.

I say take up the SLC offer. It could lead to something bigger and better. I used to be a certified pyromaniac when it came to burning bridges, but have learned it is neither healthy nor wise. Of course, my advice is worth what you've paid for it.

Best of luck getting into the other shows, too. If I were better connected than a broken vacuum in a basement closet, I'd pull every string I could for you. Your work deserves an audience.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Tim D said...

What I'm listening to: nothing because the ouroboros iPod ate itself up.

This is because you put "16 different flavours of Hell" on it.


5:28 AM  
Blogger Writermama said...

That's very exciting!

10:22 AM  
Blogger ZinniaSoCA said...

I think there may be too many posers and fakes cluttering up the art world in New Yawk right now and the galleries there must be freaking BLIND not to recognize your talent, especially in the midst off all the dreck I see in the art magazines. But I know you will find your niche... you're too good not to.

udrrcmy... what can it mean? LOL!



11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always believed in the open door policy, keep all those doors open. One thing more, I don't think your love affair with NYC is even nearing over. You have just changed the scene. Keep painting.

12:46 AM  
Blogger newbrooklyner said...

keepyer, I will take the show of course, and I shall walk delicately over that charred bridge to a meal of crow. (Hope for a tender crow at least!) Thanks for pulling strings if you could.

timD, you aren't talking about Meatloaf are you? You better be kind about the 'Loaf.

writerma, thanks.

Mumo, I love your appraisals of the Scene.

anon, I keep painting. You're right. Thanks.

12:46 PM  

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