Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Candidate Slept Here

Well, it looks like we have a house guest. Our ole' friend Pete is lodging with the paintings in my studio and yes, we took the hamster cage out before he got here (and the hamster found a jostled toob connection and used the opportunity last night to bust out of captivity and binge on dropped goldfish crackers, cement-like oatmeal, and an orange peel and eventually passed out in the garbage can under the kitchen sink where we found her in distended belly bliss this morning. But that's another blog for another blogger. Unless you people want to hear more about the hamster. Do you?)

It may surprise you to think that I know someone like this, but Pete is an idealistic young contender for the Utah Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. He's tired of people (such as I) complaining and doing nothing about their government so he's kicked the victimish lethargy to the curb and hit the campaign trail. If he won, do you realize he would pull the seat out from that 20 (or so) term Orrin Hatch who loves Alito and eavesdropping and all things Bush? It's tough going against someone so well-funded, but Pete does seem to be accruing a following of people who think that Hatch has had his turn and doesn't represent the people well. Well, Pete hasn't cut an album or anything, but he does have a history in the Utah rave scene. Pete was none other than DJ XDZebra. You may have heard of him? No. That's ok.
When I first met him, Pete lived in the slummy row houses near Pioneer Park where Dan and I first lived and he went around talking about Sting and the Police and the Internet. This was 1991 or so. If you recall, there was no Internet then. Not really. Not like you see it right now with all the cartoon pictures and colors all over the screen. As I recall, it was white letters on a black screen in the closet of a nail salon in convenient proximity to the essential University. That was the Internet then. Pete was on fire about it. We thought he was weird. We were wrong.
Pete brought the rumor of the Internet to reality in Utah with the first ISP in the state. He started it with little more than high hopes and pocket lint and Xmission is now a huge part of technoculture in Utah.
So Pete agreed to an interview for this blog. Kind of. Ok, maybe he won't exactly know he's being interviewed. I'm not sure how to approach this. I'll ask my friend Julie who does good blog interviews.

Well then, you can help. Will you help? Do you have questions for a senatorial hopeful/technogeek? Please help me or else I'll end up asking stupid things like, we know he's an Englishman in New York, but is Sting really a legal Alien? Have we seen his papers?
Or, If you were to cut an album, what would you call it?
Give me questions, people.

As one senator from New York said, it takes a bunch of questions to raise an interview. Or something.


Anonymous dug said...

i have a question. pete doesn't really like sting, does he? how could he? if he says he does, i'm not voting for him.

anybody who loved the police has to be outraged by what's happened to sting. sting went from the forefront of punk ska and became julio iglesias, which is fine, if you like that sort of thing, but i don't.

and i don't want my senators tolerating that sort of thing either. the sting stories is one of the great tragedies of rock n roll history.

i'm getting a little angry just thinking about it. i'm going to go take a cold shower.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous LSL said...

I love hamsters, and I love U.S. Senate seat contenders. Please ma'am, I'd like some more!

3:02 PM  
Anonymous KeepYerBag said...

I'll vote for him just because he's not Orrin Hatch. He could be Michael Bolton's biggest fan and I'd vote for him just because he's not Orrin Hatch.

8:59 PM  
Blogger BIG Mike said...

If you say he's OK, I'll vote for him.

Will he sponsor my plane ticket and green card?

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Rocky said...

I don't know Pete. I know of him and I have heard good things. Here is the burning question. Why would you want to tarnish an otherwise decent reputation by mixing it up with the good 'ole boy's network that is Utah politics? For goodness sake, Pete. You have a good, happy life. Don't mess with it.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Colorado Momma said...

So, Pete, do you think it is possible to be in Washington and not become one of the crowd? to really be who you are?

1:15 AM  
Anonymous The Lilac Penguin said...

I would start with "Why do you want to be a Senator?" Then ask what type of Senator he would be.

I looked on his site... I liked Utah when I had a lay over in Salt Lake... I could be a voter there...

11:49 PM  
Blogger Writermama said...

Ask Pete whether or not he would have voted to filibuster the Alito nomination. If he would have NOT joined with the 19 dems who were courageous enough to take a stand, then he does not get my vote. (Although, technically, I'm not registered in Utah.)

10:41 PM  
Anonymous julie said...

(Sorry to be a pill, Pete. I'm on a rampage tonight.)

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Errorista said...

Oh man I’m late on this. Sorry…life and such. Anyway, I think the minds in Utah would like to know where you stand on this new HBO series about polygamy. I haven’t heard much about it, but you know…how do you feel, Pete, about the stereotypes Utah folks are encumbered with? People think of us as liquor-fearing, multiple-wife having, and movie-theater-gay-movie-banning wack jobs. How can that ever change? Or should it?

Come home soon. I’d like to offer you and yours a nice warm meal.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Shelley Turley said...

T-shirts! MUGS!! Good thing I have a birthday coming up!!! hint hint.

1:54 PM  

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