Thursday, December 15, 2005


The snow in the air mixes dangerously with electricity as the city waits on the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Transport Workers Union Local 100 to loosen the arms so tightly folded across their chests and shake hands by midnight. The mayor has encouraged us to use our bicycles tomorrow if, in the next hour, the Union calls a strike. Impossible! Has he not seen?

It's so impossibly cold and slick outside. But there is such an air of suspense all over. What will our lives be like without that rattletrap subway? The city huddles together around this issue in a way that makes a strike seem strangely unifying and appealing. We'll be forced to stay in our neighborhoods and shop more locally than ever. Yay! School starts two hours later if there is a strike. Yay! Dan and I encountered no competition at FAO Schwartz tonight because nobody is going out. Yay! We took one of the last 'F' trains before midnight and now we can't sleep. Yay!

Ah, but the economy of the city if the strike lasts more than a couple of days. And oh, people will die if the streets are so crowded with cars that the ambulettes can't pass.

Will they strike?

Can they really, "stop the clock?"

60 minutes more.


Anonymous BIG Mike said...

How utterly primitive. Staying close to home at Christmas time. Who would have thought we would see it in this day and age?

12:30 AM  

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