Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Make A Painting! Part IIII

Today's Lesson

Today's lesson is that to make this painting we must paint it over and over and over. Oh, and over.
I think you may have thought that once everything was filled in, the thing would be done.

P.S. Hey! Have you heard about face transplants?

What I'm listening to:
Sigur Ros' Takk--I don't know what these Icelandic kids are saying but I'm fairly certain it's something about the wind in the park in Brooklyn when it blows a branch-full of snow into a blue sky lit by a frozen sun. They are singing in Icelandic with extended vowels and stretched vocal cords about how the fragmented snow hangs in the air, sparkling and stopping the heart, because these things, spoken of in English with an American accent, sound ridiculous and embarrassing.

Avenue 'Q', the Soundtrack-- For reasons that may be obvious to some. These are muppets on Broadway with real life problems.

Smashing Pumpkins' Meloncolie and the Infinite Sadness--I return to this one even though Billy Corgin is not easy to love.

Sometimes I tire of sharing my space with a hamster.


Anonymous Errorista said...

I propose that you and I trade faces. I've always liked yours better, and it's the least you could do after that nasty hair cutting incident of 1978.

5:14 PM  
Blogger newbrooklyner said...

My face is your face. They're so similar, why bother with the knife?

11:25 AM  

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