Thursday, December 01, 2005

Make A Painting! Part II

Today, I would like to add a feature called: What I Am Listening To to my blog, as my friend last night was going on over dinner about another painter's blog who does this. This painter is better than I, so I should rip off his ideas whenever possible.
Also, I've been unexpectedly nudged by guilt over a lie that I told in the previous entry. To set the record straight, I admit here that my Inbox has never been crammed tightly with requests for step-by-steps for painting. But I wish it were.

Today's Lesson

Step 1: Make a shadowy blue haze over background and on skin. This will be used later as shadows that seem to surface through the paint rather on top of the paint.

Step 2: Fill in details of the background taking care to leave some pencil line showing. (This penchant for pencil-lines is no doubt due in part to the reported, "drawing craze" taking place in NYC. That's a good craze.)

Step 3: Step back, turn off music, go to class-parent meeting.

*What I am listening to: The Pogues: If I Should Fall From Grace With God and Pogues Mahone


Anonymous fatty said...

I'm not sure my haze is shadowy enough. Or maybe it's too shadowy. How can I tell when I've crossed the threshold between shadowy-haze-blue and ominously-portentious-sky-blue?

I swear, at this rate, I sometimes think I'll NEVER be a professional painter.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous KeepYerBag said...

I am fascinated by your work and it's interesting to see the process that brings your paintings to fruition. Thank you for sharing.

Fatty: You need to get an afro, grow your beard back and concentrate on sunsets, woodland scenes and little critters.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous dug said...

are you famous yet? can i have your b-sides and throwaways? i'm guessing that's gonna be the good stuff some day. i'll keep it in some boxes in the basement for a while, and then i'll be famous. famous for having your famous stuff in my basement.

11:31 AM  
Blogger newbrooklyner said...

fatty, you have to locate your own blue. I suspect the portentous blue is your soul's true blue. Go with it.

keepyerbag, if I had a bag contest, you would have just won. I don't know if you recognize that the painting you recommended to fatty is exactly what's going on in Chelsea right now. Fer real. I'm trying not to succumb.

dug, I AM famous yet. Well, I was.
Once, in Utah, I was famous but left a trail of burning bridges when I took my family and fame on vacation to NYC and never came home, leaving not so much as a forwarding address, so. So much for that comfy ol' fame.
In New York, I am lovingly spat upon. But it is NYC spit.
Nonetheless, I will collect my tears in a Nalgene and my self-pitying sketches in a refrigerator box just for you, just in case.

I suspect though that you should write ditties for dusty but hopeful bands of yesterdecade. That's a shorter fame-track. And fairly certain in your case.

12:39 PM  

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