Monday, October 03, 2005


A run-down of a mere few of the heretofore un-named phobias that crawl all over me, day in, day out.

1. Exasperabarristaphobia: fear of screwing up one's coffee order/forgetting what one wanted in the first place at a coffee counter where a long line has formed behind one's back.

2. Historiaelectronicaphobia: Fear that someone knows and cares about every place one visits on the Internet.

3. Veritamormoniphobia: Fear that one's childhood religion may actually be right.

4. Bloggidiscoveriapaterniphobia: Fear that one's parents are reading ones' blog.

5. Intelligenciabsentiaphobia: Fear that one is in fact not smart.

6. Modignoranciaphobia: Fear of not knowing what to wear anymore.

7. Modambivilenciaphobia: Fear of not caring what to wear anymore.

8. Utobviophobia: Fear that it is plain to everyone that one is from Utah.

9. iPounciphobia: Fear that one will get iPounced for one's iPod.

10. Subterraneaportadentataphobia: Fear of not standing clear of the closing doors.


Anonymous Errorista said...

Oh man I am one sick puppy. I have every phobia on there. Everythinghypochondriphobia. #3 is particularly scary. You are particularly funny.

2:10 PM  

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