Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wash It Away

Perhaps the saddest thing I've glimpsed through a window in a long time is that big bottle of Clorox sitting front and center on the lino inside the abruptly shut down beauty salon on 11th Street.
A deli owner, a hairdresser, some passion, some rejection, and of course, a murder-suicide.
When the tragedy was fresh, there were daisies and mums carpeting the sidewalk in front of the locked up Delores' Salon so that you had to tiptoe through the flora when you walked by. This spontaneous eden seemed fairly lovely to the kids who believed the intensity of those color-injected blooms may be natural after cartoon saturated mornings sweetened by sugar flavored breakfasts. Others such as I were dismayed at those flowers, dyed out of their tiny God-given heads. But perhaps screaming mums really are what the situation called for and even when the mashed blooms were bagged and carted away, their angry fuscia and aqua petals had left a properly nauseating field of color on the sidewalk. Ah, but the stains are gone now. The sky opened up five days ago with such an embarrassment of emotion that we all turned away in hope that it would finish up soon with this cleansing jag. It hasn't yet.
But how do you use a bottle of bleach to really clean away the mark of a beautician and her jilted lover on a neighborhood, much less a couple of families?
Do you wonder if a bottle of bleach will someday be purchased especially for you? Will the place you work right this minute instantly sprout a sad kooky garden in your honor? Will the sky open up in a ridiculous fit for you?
Will someone be kind enough at the very least to delete your blog?


Anonymous fatty said...

I keep a final post ready, just in case I ever get creamed by a car on the way home. It's in the "Drafts" folder, and is titled JumpedTheShark.doc. Please be sure to publish in the event of my demise. It's freakin' heelarious.

4:58 PM  
Blogger ZinniaSoCA said...

Great entry! You are so great at writing. This paints a real picture that I can see in my mind. Tragic event, and yet your story isn't really sad or maudlin. It would be nice if they could know they have been turned into art!

Thanks for your kind comments in my blog. It's really an exciting and interesting experience.

I have a folder on the desktop called "Carked" so that people will know what to do. Delete your blog? I hope not... I would hope it could stay so your fans could come and remember you. And your website with your paintings as well. I'm an addict and a sudden withdrawal like that might do the cark on me.



5:42 PM  
Anonymous Mom in Colorado said...

You paint equally well using words or oils. I would like to see NYC through your eyes, unless the extra tears would only add to the rain.

7:46 PM  

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