Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Grand Town

I have returned to and am walking around this house I own in Salt Lake City and find that it is so sizeable that I cannot find myself. This average American home is too much, really. I chase winged shoes, balls, PowerRangers, LeapPads, Build-a-Bears, books, etc. around the house and finally just let it all get away because, housepersons of America, I would not paint or hold conversations with people or even blog to you if I got this place under control (luckily my ambitious caretaker sister has taken over the chase.)
Big, big, big.
Utah is big. The grandeur is no delusion. You can take dry, big, rattling breaths here and feel the panic rise as you wonder how you will traverse the valley six times this day as you shuttle the unlicensed and underaged to far-flung playdates. Ah, the big Sport Ute. Ut? (Apropos.) We pig out on gasoline here to fuel our work on a large scale.
But, oh those beautiful mountains, flexed reassurances that we are God's chosen kids after all, living out our lives in His rocky embrace. And would this beauty and golden light be wasted on the wicked? Pave, pave, ye saints. Make the streets wide because our cars are wide and we are wide and He loves us dearly. Accept more nuclear waste and bury it in His wide desert. Crush good historic buildings in favor of foam-filled, wide, California/Seattle-derived architecture. Those sharp stars at night can mean only one thing: approval.
We deserve much here, and by God, we're going to take it.


Blogger ZinniaSoCA said...

My dad loved those mountains beyond all sensibility. In fact, in his own little photo album, containing maybe a dozen actual photographs, he pasted TWO articles from the Ogden paper that included photos of the Wasatch, way back in the Thirties. He's gone on to Greater Glory and I have not seen those mountains in nearly forty years, but somehow I suspicion they've changed a bit.

Your blog is brilliant, as is your art. I hope that curator realizes soon what he/she has missed! Knowing what astounding joy that would be, I said the Big F right along with you, with a garland of "omigawd's" thrown in for emphasis.

I visit often and just soak in the glory of your paintings. They have an other-worldly, rather dreamlike, quality about them. I keep trying to define what it is about them that is so compelling, but I have no words yet. I guess it won't pigeonhole because it is so uniquely your art.

Thanks for another lovely visit.


8:33 PM  
Blogger newbrooklyner said...

Aw, the beautiful Ogden mountains. I love Ogden.

Thanks for the words, zinniasoca.

9:36 PM  

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