Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I see in my neighborhood:
-a store selling underwear with a padded bottom
-a dead rat become completely integrated with the asphalt in less than 24 hours
-Paul Auster and Siri Husvedt walking their dog, backlit and looking race-of-giantlike
-candles for sale that remove creative block or make someone shut up
-a useful and magical oil called, "I Can & You Can't"
-pigeons pecking at vomit
-a superhero supply store selling breathable water
-girl-on-girl porn in the trash bin atop of a heap of muffin wrappers inside Two Little Red Hens
-Hasidic fur disk/hats and woolen cloaks in murderous heat
-a guy who sets up his fancy telescope on the streetcorner for anyone who wants to see the moon, stars, mars....
-a big hillside of people on blankets singing along to "The Sound of Music" playing on a giant screen in the park
-a man whose wife won't let him inside all day so he sits on our building's wall and smokes cigars
-a brilliant cellist who can't stand up straight
-a jazz guitarist who plugs it all in and plays on his stoop at night
-Las Rubias del Norte playing across the street every Monday
-a building burning down for the third time in two years and everybody getting together to giddily watch
-people holding hands and dancing in the street for Purim
-13 NYPD officers feeding my seven-year-old vending machine doughnuts after she was lost, and found, on the subway
-Jonathon Safron-Foer giving a reading at our school
-my six-year-old waiting in the window well every morning to call out to our Puerto Rican supers down below
-a blizzard that shut down traffic and brought everyone, hipster to trader, out to marvel and sled in the streets
-a crazy, ancient woman from floor 5 sneaking in visits to the crazy, ancient, man-who-wears-underwear-only on 2.

This is why I have to stay.


Anonymous Rosey said...

I just found your journal. Your writing is so breathless and splendid that it makes pigeons and vomit sound like wonderful fairy tale creations that only you can see.
Gee, I'm envious and thrilled. I love your journal. Thanks for sharing your world with a country "girl" like me.

9:23 PM  

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